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golden-independence-coverby Margy Goss, M.A. CCC-SLP/TCLD, PNN Education Committee

Golden Independence: A Caregiver’s Practical Guide to Health and Safety for Individuals during their Golden Years

Written by Paula E. Gibeson, 2015, Infinity Publishing

Ms Gibeson’s appreciation for the importance of familiarity, the “comforts of home”, and personal preferences make this an especially credible guide. Divided into key concerns, it offers quick exploration of significant quality-of-life issues, challenging behaviors, and proactive home safety establishment. She helps readers assess their own situation and adapt care giving or utilize community resources. Gibeson frequently encourages medical guidance and establishes a “you‘re not alone“ tone. Hope and respect for this elder population is evident as she guides readers through the many aspects of Parkinson’s disease management to maintain reasonable independence and safety.

*A note about this author: Gibeson, RN-BC, has contributed her skills to many PNN support group meetings over the past several decades. Her experience as a Resource Clinician at the former regional Geriatric Assessment Clinic and certification as a Gerontological Nurse demonstrate her depth of knowledge and experience with “Golden Years” issues.